How to move from Blog to Business
Six steps to creating a profitable business online
Want to create an income and lifestyle from your blog?
Are you longing to turn your enjoyable blog, that feels like a hobby, into a profitable business?

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused with where to start and how to become business savvy?

Business owners think and act in different ways. Lucky for you it's easy to easy to learn their secrets.

In this two-hour pre-recorded webinar, you'll learn what these six evolving and interacting areas of business are, with concrete examples from one of the world's most successful travel bloggers.

Understand and apply them and you'll know:
who you're serving and what to give them
how to generate income
how to manage the doubts and fears that plague you
how to apply leverage for maximum growth and scale
A business has profit!
This training will guide you through the process of: 
Creating the right vision and mission
Building a community
Creating a money plan that works
Using leverage for growth
Using your data to refine action
Managing your mind
+ Bonus  training
We'll share with you, in a 40 minute webinar training, the top 5 strategies we've applied to increase organic traffic and take our business to the next level!
Now you know what to focus on first!
Invest in your Business future today
Who are Caz and Craig
Co-founders of y travel blog, one of the world's most influential, and successful travel blogs.

They travel with their two daughters, and have created a thriving full-time business that gives them the travel lifestyle they love.

They’ve been featured by brands such as Lonely Planet, The Today Show, Virgin Australia, Expedia, and the White House and have partnered with brands such as Nissan, Ford, Qantas, Canon, Tourism Australia and many state and international tourist boards.

They earn an income through a variety of forms including ambassador partnership, tourism marketing, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, selling their own products and speaking at various conferences. 

Caz and Craig don't travel on press trips - they collaborate with partners through their own personal travel journeys. They created and implemented a successful sponsorship strategy and campaign for their 18 month road trip around Australia and will be doing the same for their upcoming America Unplugged USA road trip.


It was truly the most valuable session I have ever attended, and has provided me with so much clarity and inspiration to get started on the right path.

I am now bubbling with ideas and a focus to move forward, not only just about creating a blog that can be a business, but about what I have to offer the world and how to shape my future to get it out there.

Thank you so much for this wonderful webinar, it's so inspiring and motivating:-) Your tips and inspirational talk really help in getting my vision and mission clear and how I can make a difference in helping people travel more
There's so much to digest from the webinar and the toolkit I think I will be watching & reading both a few times over to have everything sink in.
Israel Smith
Caz's talk is FULL of wisdom and great actionable steps! Her wholistic picture of what it takes to make your dreams come to life is structured and proven. Make yourself a coffee, grab an empty notebook, and six pens, and get ready to have your mind blown!  Do it! Then do it again!"